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Some kind of runner where you start with nothing. Would you stay with nothing?


Even if you think you did nothing, surrendering can be the solution.


But why not building up your own rules?


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As part of Ludum Dare 45 game jam, the game is very short and not as complete as expected in terms of level design and overall content. However, it’s working! Being new to game development and for a very first game jam, I’m happy to have a working deliverable (Even though much too short!)

The ideal idea was to make a “runner” game that involve back and forth motion, instead of only having the stress of being chased. As for the theme, “Start with nothing” was the idea of starting with literally nothing (even in the life of the character) and building up momentum with weapons, unprecedented crimes and escalating military chase.

This game is made with Godot game engine.

Credits to Ray Larabie for his awesome Joystix font!


Run... Away? - Windows 11 MB
Run... Away? - Linux 12 MB
Run... Away? - OSX 13 MB
Run... Away? - HTML5 4 MB

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